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blog post cover 10 steps

Starting your own business is not to be underestimated. It requires a lot of courage, passion, ambition, and, above all, good preparation. That could save you a lot of time and trouble. In this article we show you clearly how you can start your own business in Germany in 10 steps.

All the Authorities you will encounter on your business journey

On the way to registering your company, you will have to deal with a number of authorities. It is important to know which ones exist, what they are responsible for and which ones are relevant for you. In this overview you will find a compact summary of the information!

Why establi?

Germany, as a strong economic location, is an ideal country for starting one’s own business and realizing one’s business idea. According to statistics, 12% of the German population are foreigners and of these, a considerable proportion is making themselves self-employed. Due to the lack of language skills, migrants have a much more difficult time in Germany than their German fellow citizens. In addition, consulting services are not found, which does not make the situation any easier. We eliminate these problems with this website and show newcomers in Germany how to start a business in Germany and offer an all-around service for everyone.

For this purpose, we have created the establi Community where you:

  • you can ask all your start-up related questions about starting a business in Germany
  • find online courses that will guide you step by step through the complicated German bureaucracy and help you get started
  • find and participate in free offers and programs from non-profit organizations in your area and city
  • exchange ideas with founders of the same language & industry
  • visit events that will support you in your start-up project
  • and much more…