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Founding in Germany

Video Classes, Checklists, Templates and more


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Video Classes, checklists & more

Our all-in-one online guide for your personal business project will make it possible for you to understand the German bureaucracy step by step.
With 20+ short video classes, checklists, templates, and access to the establi community, we make your startup easy – at your pace, always and everywhere available.

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All the answers to your questions

  • How do I get the right visa/work permit?
  • How do I register my Business in Germany?
  • Which legal form should I use?
  • How can I finance my Business?
  • How can I get the right Health Insurance for me?
  • How do I deal with taxes?

Short insights into the class
Everything at a glance!

  • 20 Video classes + Extras
  • Anytime, anywhere with any device
  • Supporting checklists and templates
  • Lifetime access to the video courses and the rest of the material
  • A Community for individual questions and exchange with others

Meet Team establi

Luca & Ahmet

After keeping contact to over 1000 entrepreneurs, we know that the German bureaucracy is the biggest challenge for people building a business. 
We are now changing that with this community.

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