Hi, I'm Luca

I love people and good and honest conversations. I quickly lose myself in designing and deep talks. For me, the exchange with people is the most important thing.



Hi, I'm Ahmet

I love sharing my knowledge and experience with other people. For me, it is a joy to meet like-minded people and inspiring others through my work.


We support new citizens and people from abroad to set up their own company in Germany.

A difficult government administration should never be an obstacle for anyone to implement their ideas and start their own business! That’s why we, Ahmet & Luca, have made it our goal to make the complicated German bureaucracy as simple as possible so that everyone can handle it.

With establi, we want to make it easier for non-German-speaking people to start a business and work towards equal rights in entrepreneurship. Our dream is that at some point languages will no longer be a barrier when it comes to turning your ideas into reality.

We also want to offer you a large network of like-minded people and experts that allows you to find necessary contacts who will stand by you and support you with your project.

After talking to over 1000 founders, we know which obstacles stand in your way to build up your business. This platform will change that.

Business founders usually don’t know where to start, and finding the right information is extremely time-consuming and requires prior knowledge. In addition to that contents are presented in a complicated and inaccessible way and there are hardly any non-German-speaking offers for people willing to set up a business. Due to prejudices and the lack of openness and trust in consultants, it is also extremely hard to find the right supporting persons.

Don’t let annoying paperwork demotivate you and start putting your ideas into practice! Along with our partners and experts, we accompany you on this path.

Become part of the community and exchange ideas to build your very own business!

What we want to achieve with establi

Connecting aspiring founders with local support programs

Encouraging people to start their own business

Providing courses, training, coaching & mentoring

Spreading the community & bringing people together

Providing professional services (tax advice, laws, etc.)

Providing information about culture, people & skills

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