We are Ahmet and Luca, the people behind establi. Both of us have a start-up background and have already worked in numerous industries. Founding establi was a natural choice for us, as we wanted to create just the support for startups and challenges that many people without German language skills would have needed on their way in entrepreneurship.

But it is certainly not only the two of us that make establi what it is today. It is only through our large network of different projects, experts and non-profit organizations that this company can exist and offer you the added value it does.

In this community you have the opportunity to exchange ideas with other founders and to support, motivate and benefit from each other's experiences.

We also take time for your individual questions, so we can refer you to appropriate experts and supporters.

You will also find a calendar of events on our platform, which will allow you to participate in many exciting events that will effectively make your start in entrepreneurship easier.
Just take a look, it's free.

We take care in everything we publish that we get all information from trustworthy sources and check them with absolute care afterwards.
Nevertheless, even we can make mistakes as we are human beings, which you are welcome to point out to us.

Except for our courses and some of our seminars, all information and all our services are completely free for you.

We strive to work with dedicated non-profit organizations that also offer their services to you without charge. These are supported by the donations of larger companies.

Most of the events are in fact free, as they are held by other non-profit organizations.
Nevertheless, we also host other events (such as multi-day seminars), from which the seminar leaders will ask for a fee.
However, all price details can be easily found within the individual event pages.

We are always excited to expand our network of partner organizations and look forward to hearing about it via our contact form. You can find more information here.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time at or on Instagram/Facebook via DM. We look forward to it and answer within 1-2 days, but usually even faster.