Categories of Work Permits in Germany

To be allowed to live and work in Germany legally, you must have a German work and residence permit.

You don’t have to apply for a German work permit separately from a residence permit; you get them both through a single application at the Ausländerbehörde (that’s the German Immigration Authority Office).

There are different types of German work permits and they depend on your qualifications and employment type:

  • first of all there is the General Work Permit – You can apply for this type if you have found a job in Germany which could not have been filled by an EU national. You don’t need to have special skills as long as you are qualified for the job.
  • secondly there is the Highly Skilled Worker Permit – You can apply for this type of if you are a highly skilled worker with a lot of experience and a high income.
  • then there is The EU Blue Card – You can apply for an EU Blue Card if your salary will be at least €56,800 per year or €44,304 per year if you are in a shortage occupation.
  • and lastly you can get a Work Permit for Freelancers – You can apply for this type of permit if you are a freelancer and if you can prove you have prospective clients.
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There is still much to tell about the individual permits and about visas. We have created an All-in-one guide where you can find out more information about this topic. In addition, with the access to our community you can meet other people who have already mastered the same problems and who can support you with your questions.

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