How to find the right Health Insurance in Germany

If you already have health insurance, you must inform your insurance company that you are a self-employed from now on. Health insurance for self-employed persons in the main business is more expensive because your missing employer does not pay half of the costs. The money is deducted directly from your bank account every month.

So, if it is possible for you to start a business as a sideline, you should think about it, as it will save you money on insurance.

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If you have public health insurance, the cost of your insurance depends on your income. Since you do not know your future income, you will have to give the health insurance company an estimate. But don’t worry: If you overpay the insurance company, you’ll get a refund later. Likewise, if you underpaid, you’ll get a bill later.
If you are self-employed, however, private health insurance might make more sense.

But now let’s go into more detail about what we mean by „private“ and „public“:
In Germany, there are two health insurance systems – public and private. Each system has its advantages and disadvantages. Which system is best for you depends on your (business) situation.


Public health insurance

The cost of this is a percentage of your income and is based on its amount. Public health insurance companies are non-profit and not owned by the government. The different public health insurance companies offer almost identical prices and services.
89% of Germans have public health insurance.


Private health insurance

The cost of this type of insurance depends on your age and health status. You can choose how much insurance coverage you want. Depending on this, the price of health insurance increases. The cost and coverage vary greatly between private health insurance companies. Your insurance options also depend on your profession and income.
11% of Germans have private health insurance.

An interesting point is also that privately insured people are noticeably treated „preferentially“ by doctors.


As a business start-up, you are usually responsible for your own insurance, both on a personal and business level. Therefore, it is important that you check well which insurance you need. For you personally, you may need health and long-term care insurance, as well as income protection insurance and accident insurance. In addition, pension insurance can be hugely important for you and your future.

Essential business insurance includes professional and public liability insurance. This covers you in the event of costs arising from damage to the business or claims by third parties.


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