How to Build a Website for your Business in Germany

There are different ways and tools you can build up your website with.

Nowadays, owning a website for his business is inevitable and one of the most important marketing channels ever.

We will show you different ways how you can build a website even without any previous experience.

1. Free of charge and self-made

Budget-friendly ways to create a corporate website do exist. Very popular among startups and self-employed people is the WordPress platform. After it is installed and template-designed, it is relatively easy to use the system. There are also many choices for designs. Therefore, it should be noted that it is indeed possible to create a free website. However, a certain amount of technical know-how is necessary.


2. Homepage construction kits

In recent years, so-called homepage construction kits have significantly developed as an alternative in terms of functionality, design variety, and usability. With a homepage construction kit, you can create your website without having any programming knowledge. The quality of the websites created is impressive and is almost equal to web designs by professional web designers. However, you should have a professional corporate design in advance and ideally coordinate with your designer.


3. Internet agencies

Each Internet agency has its signature on how they create a website. Therefore, look at the references and decide if the style fits your business. Inform the internet agency in detail about the business model, so that they understand the idea behind your company and can translate it into a suitable design. After the decision, accompany the process of website creation: The Internet agency should involve you in every major step, explain technical aspects, and point out problems. Hiring a professional Internet agency to create your website is not cheap, but it is usually worth it anyway since it is an important customer acquisition tool. Special start-up offers are available from around 1.000€.


4. Our big tip: Fiverr

The website is a marketplace for digital services. You can outsource the creation of your website for extremely low cost to freelancers who can create an appealing business website for you very quickly.

Now you have your own website. But that’s not the end of it. A lot of marketing and networking is waiting for you to reach your customers. But more about that in another post.

Good luck with the realization of your idea!

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