Learning German when coming to Germany

Why you should learn German

With establi, we want to help people to become self-employed in Germany without having to speak fluent German.

Nevertheless, we would like to emphasize the importance of learning the language in the country where you are going to live for a longer period. In general, you should keep in mind that it is not only important for the development of your business, but also for your personal development to deal with integration. This doesn’t mean that you should put away your culture, your values, your language, or your traditions. In our eyes it is quite the opposite: the more colorful a society is, the more beautiful it is. Different societies can learn from each other, exchange information about their cultures, or pass on their country-specific expertise. Germans can certainly learn a lot from other cultures. This also applies when it comes to entrepreneurship.

In order to avoid long-term barriers (e.g. in communication or further bureaucracy), it is important to get to know the German language and rules of society.


The best ways to learn German

Thanks to technological progress, nowadays we have endless possibilities to learn languages either traditionally in institutions or also on numerous digital platforms.

In this context, your motivation is one of the biggest deciding factors. After all, learning a new language can be quite overwhelming (especially in the beginning). So pick a learning method that you enjoy the most and that keeps you motivated.

If you choose traditional methods, you should choose a local language learning center such as the Goethe-Institut. In Germany, there are basically a lot of public language courses.

In addition to the classic language learning courses that you can attend in language schools, there are other methods that you can use to learn German online. There are a lot of free offers, as well as paid tools that are tailored to you and that help you learn more efficiently.

Here are some methods how you can learn German digitally:


1. Language learning websites

A website that offers you good learning opportunities is, for example, Deutsche Welle – a very well-known German course provider that is completely free.

If you already know some German, we recommend the website FluentU.


2. Online language courses

You can sign up for online language courses from providers such as Lingoda. They offer you private lessons and group lessons in virtual classrooms at different language levels.


3. Language Learning Apps

Apps such as Babbel or Duolingo offer you a digital platform with which you can learn foreign languages conveniently via your smartphone. Depending on your current level, the apps adapt to your needs. In addition, the apps offer you opportunities to improve your skills in writing, reading, listening, and speaking.


4. Language learning magazines

One of the best German learning magazines is Deutsch perfekt. This offers practice material, articles, and news about important topics and events in Germany. A huge advantage is that you can discover several aspects of German culture in addition to the language.


5. YouTube channels

There are countless YouTube channels that teach you about life in Germany and the German language. Easy German, for example, is a good address when it comes to getting to know the German language and culture in a holistic way.


6. Tandem partners

Just like you want to learn German, there are a lot of motivated Germans who are interested in learning the language you speak. This method of learning is very popular in Germany. So you will not have much trouble finding a tandem partner with whom you can share your interests. There are a lot of great tandem platforms where you can exchange knowledge and make friends. Examples of websites are VHS-tandem,, or tandempartners.


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