Aung Ko Htet

My name is Aung Ko Htet. I’m from Myanmar. I’m currently living in Munich, Germany. The reason why I left Myanmar I would like to build the business and grab the opportunity in every possible way. I worked as a digital marketing manager in Myanmar. I believe I can utilize all of my experiences and skills in my future journey. Actually, I have several business ideas in my head. I’m so confident in implementing them. My first idea was to build up an eCommerce business in my country and get some support from some professionals in Germany, especially in Europe. But my country is currently in danger and the economy is almost collapsing. So, it’s impossible to develop my business idea in my country.

That’s why I chose the possible way, which is I’m going to start a business in Germany. My business idea is to provide the customer with delicious, easy to eat and fast to eat Asia food everywhere in Europe, currently in Germany. Actually, I wanted to start a sushi restaurant which would need so much money to own one. For this reason, I chose the easy way to start my idea with “Sunday Onigiri”. Onigiri is a really popular and necessary fast food in Japan and Korea, almost in Asia. You can get in every supermarket and mini market. But the global market penetration is too small for this product, the global food consumer has very less impression of Onigiri according to the Onigiri organisation. But I started selling the delicious Onigiri which has the original taste of Japan in one of the sushi restaurants. As a next step, I’m trying to expand into the market.

I found the establi when I read the article which wrote how to enter into the Germany founder community, something like that. Then I downloaded the app and  joined. I like the establi where I can read so much content that is related to me.



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