Jonathan Benney

Who are you and what has brought you to Germany?

My name is Jonathan Benney and I was born in Zimbabwe, a country in Africa. I left Zimbabwe way back when in about 2002 to England where, at first, I only planned to spend a few years travelling and working. Unfortunately, the situation took a turn for the worse so I decided to try and stay there, but they said I had to be a refugee to stay. I didn’t like the idea of being a refugee so joined the British army to stay in the UK. With the army I made my way to Germany, first to Gütersloh, Nordrhein-Westfalen, and then to Hanover, Niedersachsen. There I met a lovely young lady, who I have a son with now, left the army and moved to Rosenheim, Bavaria, where I live to this day.


What is your business idea and how did you develop it?

At the moment, I am an English teacher, which is a job I enjoy, but am trying to break into the food industry. In Zimbabwe we have a few types of foods which I really enjoyed growing up and really miss and would really like to introduce to the local market here. I have been working closely with a friend, who is passionate about cooking, and with a local butcher to try to develop what I need in the hope of founding a new food truck.


Why did you join establi and how do you like or dislike it?

I was invited to join the group „Establi“ through Facebook and since I did not know how to proceed and who to talk to at that time, I decided to join it as it could give me the necessary motivation to take my idea more seriously. Unfortunately, due to work obligations, my idea is still taking time to develop, but I have managed to get some much needed and valuable information from the members and mainly the founders of this group who, by the way have been very professional and helpful. I believe this is a great site and it will be a great benefit to all who use it.


If others members need help, what matters can they contact you about?

If you need help organizing a great braai (BBQ), I can help! As of this moment, I may be able to help by telling you my stories of dealing with the different Governmental Offices, but once I get around to sorting out financing and opening of my foodtruck I would be more than happy to share my story with you in the hopes that it may boost confidence and give direction to you endeavors especially if you are heading into the culinary side of things.

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