Natalia Quintero Ballesteros

Hola! My name is Natalia Quintero B. I am a fashion designer from Bogotá, Colombia and I’ve been living for 8 years already in Germany.

My first experience as an Entrepreneur was in Colombia, where I found an underwear brand. Since it was difficult to find a long-term job in Germany, I decided to go back to where my passion is: my own underwear brand. Since then, I’ve been working on this idea and right now, I’m in the process to register my underwear brand in Germany.

With my business, I want to help other migrant women to have working possibilities in Germany. Furthermore, I am co-founder of the NGO Aliadas für Teilhabe & Integration e.V. where I am responsible for answering questions around the topic of founding. The focus of the NGO is to support Spanish-speaking women in their integration process into the German community.

I met Luca and Ahmet at an event in Stuttgart, and I was fascinated with their concept. A place where foreigners in Germany can learn about how to found a business and meanwhile creating community.

Establi articles are really accurate and give you clarity about many unknown „founding in Germany topics“. The knowledge that establi provides has helped me with my own project, but also with my duties in the NGO. I definitely would love to have more face-to-face events and meet more entrepreneurs. Founding a business in any country is a very up and down process, and the German language and system doesn’t make it easier :). Thanks to this kind of ideas, many entrepreneurs get empowered to found their own business in Germany. Thank you, establi <3.

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