Piotr Poleszczuk

Who are you?

My name is Piotr, I am 44 years old and I come from Poland. I moved to Germany in March 2020 with my wife and two young sons. My major professional experience is related to the HR / IT industry, but after many years of working in large international corporations, I decided to change something in my life and try my hand at being an entrepreneur. While still in Poland, in 2017 I launched a small, artisanal manufacture of vegan alternatives to dairy, producing quality cheese substitutes made of fermented cashews. I closed the company 2 years later, though, for personal reasons, and moved to Lower Saxony in Germany shortly after.


What do you do? What is your idea?

Currently, I am at the stage of developing my own company here, this time offering virtual tour services, mainly for the real estate market, but not only. Panoramic, 360-degree photography, which I specialize in, is also great for hotels and guesthouses, shops, museums, and galleries. Most often, however, this type of technology is currently used to facilitate and accelerate the sale of a house or apartment. An exemplary virtual tour and details of the services I offer can be seen on my website: WWW.IMMO360TOUR.DE


How did you get the idea?

Photography has been my passion for years, although I was doing mainly portraits, conceptual photos and street photography before. At the same time, I have always been interested in new technologies. Virtual tours are a relatively fresh topic for real estate, and the market is not yet saturated with this type of services. Also, due to the pandemic, when direct contacts between people have been limited, the ability to accurately view a property in convenient conditions (without leaving home / without having to travel far, at any time, on the screen of your own computer or smartphone) has become an exceptionally desirable attribute for people looking for a new home.


Why did you join establi?

I joined the establi community because of the remarkable professional support offered here for free to foreign entrepreneurs in Germany. I have already benefited from some really valuable advice from the experts behind the establi, for which I am very grateful. I also hope that it will be possible to cooperate with other entrepreneurs belonging to this community, and that my business will become more visible and grow bigger too.



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