Zarif Omid

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My name is Zarif and my profession is agribusiness and marketing. I studied my master’s degree at Corvinus University of Budapest in Hungary.

In 2012 on a student tour in Germany I met my today wife. The relationship developed further and finally in 2014 I moved to Germany and we got married and now we have a beautiful daughter.

Any small business has pain points in a normal environment, but what if you don’t know the language and the business role and regulation in a completely new environment? Well, out of my experience it became even more complicated.

In early 2021 i was collecting information for company registration and i come across to facebook group Business Founder In Germany and i had a zoom call with Ahmet and Luca, on that time they were in early days of Establi so not advanced like today which is well structured and has a dedicated team of support for new business founder throughout Germany.

Personally for me it takes months to fully finish all needed registration. I faced delays and back to back problems, so this is the reason i tell you to never walk alone in this way, get support from Establi and yourself focus on growth.

In July 2022 I was able to take a deep breath and feel relaxed because Saffron Avicenna UG legally registered and began the business operation.

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