Guide to the German Authorities

Developing a Website Arbeitsagentur/Jobcenter (Employment Agency/Job Center) General tasks The employment agencies and job centers are there to find work for people. They also pay out Arbeitslosengeld (unemployment benefits). The employment agencies are responsible for Arbeitslosengeld I (ALG I). People who receive Arbeitslosengeld II (ALG II) go to the job centers.   When do you […]

Legal forms in Germany

Legal forms in Germany A legal form creates the legal framework for entrepreneurial activity. The choice of legal form influences tax and accounting obligations, liability or the external appearance including the company name. Furthermore, the type of legal form determines the formalities involved in setting up a company, as well as the way in which […]

Defining your gainful employment

Do I need a visa to start your business? The answer to this question generally can be divided into three parts: German or EU/EFTA citizens Third countries without a visa requirement Third countries with a visa requirement   German or EU/EFTA citizens If you have a German or EU/EFTA citizenship you’re lucky. You have full […]

10 Steps to Starting a Business in Germany

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10 Steps to Starting a Business in Germany – Overview (quick links) Step 1: Creating the business plan Step 2: Finding the right legal form Step 3: Registering your address in Germany Step 4: Opening a bank account Step 5: Getting the right visa Step 6: Freiberufler or Gewerbetreibender Step 7: Getting a trade license […]