Porter’s 5 Forces

Porters 5 forces

Porter’s 5 Forces What is it about? After coming up with a business idea, filling out the business model canvas and developing the company’s mission, there is still a missing piece which needs to be adressed to sustain long-term business success: you must reflect upon and strategically respond to your competition. Naturally, one thinks of […]

Business Model Canvas

Business Canvas

Business Model Canvas The Business Model Canvas (BMC) was developed in 2008 by Alexander Osterwalder and his Co-Author Yves Pigneur in their book Business Model Generation. Soon it started to gain more and more popularity due to its ability to summarize the most complex ideas and make them easily accessible. Thus, it is nowhere near […]

3 Questions to Business Success

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3 Questions to Success The start of every great company is an idea. Apple’s first computer was created because Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak wanted to become independent of the big data center at their university, Nike emerged because its founder Phil Knight wasn’t satisfied with the running shoes on the market and Tesla wants […]

Zarif (Spices & Culture)

Zarif Founder Picture

Zarif Omid – My name is Zarif and my profession is agribusiness and marketing. I studied my master’s degree at Corvinus University of Budapest in Hungary. In 2012 on a student tour in Germany I met my today wife. The relationship developed further and finally in 2014 I moved to Germany and we got married […]

10 Steps to Starting a Business in Germany

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10 Steps to Starting a Business in Germany – Overview (quick links) Step 1: Creating the business plan Step 2: Finding the right legal form Step 3: Registering your address in Germany Step 4: Opening a bank account Step 5: Getting the right visa Step 6: Freiberufler or Gewerbetreibender Step 7: Getting a trade license […]

How to Get your Business Idea market-ready

blog post cover business idea market-ready

How to Get your Business Idea market-ready – You have finally found your personal business idea and want to mature it for the market? In this post we’ll show you how to find the right business idea, how to improve it and how to make your idea promising enough for a market launch. For starting […]

How to Find and Develop your Business Idea in Germany

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How to Find and Develop your Business Idea – The very first step to starting your own business is of course a good business idea. You first have to think about a good business idea for quite a long time. It is much more than just a spontaneous idea that comes to mind in the […]